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Type 380 Larger Flow Capacity Stainless Steel Filter Regulator

Designed for harsh environments that require high flow capacity and corrosion resistant 316L stainless steel housing, trim and filter assemblies.

Whether you are replacing an existing regulator or starting a new project, having answers to the following questions will help us provide you with the appropriate regulator. 

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1. What are the normal supply and regulated pressures?

All regulators have a maximum supply pressure. The spring range selected for output pressures should be based on the desired regulated pressure range. The output pressure setting should be in the middle of that spring range for best results.

2. What media is being used? Air, oxygen, inert gases, natural gas..ect.

Different types of media (other than air) may require special materials for wetted components. ControlAir has many options at its disposal, so be as specific as possible when giving us this information.

3. Do you have specific port sizes that are needed?

Picking a port size for a new project should not be the determining factor, but if you are replacing an existing valve, it is important to know the correct thread size.

4. What are your flow volume requirements?

It must be determined how much air flow capacity is required by the application.  As flow reaches maximum capacity of a regulator, performance characteristics can change. Droop, accuracy and sensitivity can be affected by flow.

5. Are there exhaust capacity requirements?

In some applications such as force counterbalance, quick and rapid movements of air cylinders might require a large amount of air to be displaced from the cylinder and back through the regulator as exhaust.

6. Do you have any special environmental requirements?

Is the regulator being used in a hazardous environment? Is it going to be exposed to corrosive materials ie. Salt water/air, wash down bleach and water?

7. Does your application go through large or small scale pressure changes?

For applications with small scale pressure changes, that require accurate and repeatable pressure adjustments, a precision regulator maybe required.  For large pressure changes, with lower accuracies, a general purpose regulator may be adequate.

As always, a brief description what what you are trying to accomplish will help as well. There maybe special mounting requirements or other governing factors.

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Type 90 Miniature Precision Air Pressure Regulator

Compact, lightweight unit provides precise pressure regulation for space-limited applications. A force balanced pilot control maintains output pressure to within 0.05 psig (3.44 millibar) with minimal drift over time.

Type 100 Miniature Precision Air Pressure Regulator

Multi-stage regulator provides the highest level of regulation accuracy and repeatability available. Output pressure is controlled to within 0.01psig.

T100M Motorized Precision Air Pressure Regulator

Designed to provide precise pneumatic control by use of an electrical signal. Constant voltage turns motor to control output pressure.

Type 300 Instrument Air Filter Regulator

This economical airset was designed to provide clean, accurate air pressure to instruments, valves, and other equipment.

Type 330 Instrument Air Filter Regulator

Provides clean, accurate air pressure to instruments, valves, and other automatic control equipment in a lightweight, compact housing.

Type 350 Series Stainless Steel Regulators

Designed to provide instrument quality air in corrosive environments. Will also provide precise pressure control of sour gases.

Type 3500 High Pressure Regulator

Accurate and reliable first cut pressure regulator.

Type 400 General Service Regulator

Economical, general purpose regulator provides reliable control performance under variable operating conditions.

Type 700 High Flow Pressure Regulator

Ideal for applications that require high flow capacity and extremely accurate pressure control.

Type 700 Precision Back Pressure Regulator

Provides sensitive protection against over pressurization in the downstream portion of a pneumatic system. Operates as a high precision relief valve with an adjustable set point.

Type 800 Subminiature Precision Pressure Regulator

Compact unit that supplies precise air pressure regulation for applications where space is limited. This unit allows large regulator performance in a small package.

Type 850/860 Miniature General Purpose Regulator

Air, water or potable water regulators provide stable output pressure in a small, economical package.