Waste Water Processing and Treatment

ControlAir manufactures Bubble Tube Liquid Level Systems, Stainless Steel Air Filter Regulators and I/P Pressure Transducers needed for control in water and wastewater treatment processes. These products are built and tested in Amherst, New Hampshire, USA and are supported with a knowledgeable sales and support staff backed up by a worldwide distribution network.

Our products can be found in water treatment applications such as:

ControlAir products found in these applications include:

  • Bubble Tube Liquid Level System (L100) provides precise level measurement for applications involving hazardous locations or liquids which are highly corrosive or slurry type.
  • Stainless Steel Filter Regulators (Type 350, Type 380) provide accurate pressure regulation and quick response in water treatment processes from phase separation to polishing.
  • I/P Transducers (Type 500Type 900) provide reliable, repeatable accuracy of pneumatic pressure for control systems.

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Valve Control I/P Transducers and Air Filter Regulators

Bubble-Tube Liquid Level System

Stainless Steel Filter Regulators

I/P Pressure Transducers