Oil & Gas Markets

Oil & Gas Markets

ControlAir’s Precision Pressure Regulators, Gas Pressure Regulators, Filter Regulators, Volume Boosters, Air Relays and I/P Transducers help ensure precise pressure adjustment for instrumentation and process control in the oil and gas markets. These demanding applications require accurate and repeatable pressure regulation, sometimes under extreme conditions. ControlAir’s family of Stainless Steel and NACE units provide longer life in offshore and other harsh environments. Pneumatic and Electro-Pneumatic Regulators are used in the following applications:

  • Process Control Valves: Control of valving with Precision Regulators, I/P Pressure Transducers and Volume Boosters
  • Inline Fuel Trains: High Flow Gas Pressure Regulators
  • Separator Skids: water and oil separators
  • Rotational Speed Controls on Compressors and Turbines: I/P Transducers are used to control throttle speed
  • Emergency Shutdown System Controls: Filter Regulators and Volume Boosters for quick and reliable valve actuation
  • Flare and Burner Systems: High Flow Regulators used for gas vent control
  • Wellhead Instrumentation and Analysis: Precision Regulators and low bleed I/P Transducers for sensitive instrument control
  • Tank Blanketing: Precision Regulators for controlling tank pressures
  • Natural Gas Compressors: Regulators for fuel systems on compressor skids

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ControlAir products used:

  • Type 1227 and Type 1230 High Flow Gas Pressure Regulators are designed for use with compressed air, natural gas, or an assortment of other inert gases.
  • Type 310 and Type 335 NACE Complaint Air Pressure Regulators designed to handle sour gas applications.
  • Type 3500 (brass) and Type 3600 (stainless steel) High Pressure Regulators are designed to provide pressure control in processes that involve a high-pressure drop.
  • Stainless Steel Regulators provide accurate pressure regulation and quick response while handling the toughest corrosive environments. Low Temperature options available.
  • Our Volume Boosters offer high flow capacity and are designed to increase the stroking speed of control valves.
  • Explosion Proof Type 595 and Type 950 I/P Pressure transducers. Type 950 Explosion-Proof I/P Pressure Transducer is approved for Natural Gas media.
  • Type 2000 Valve Postioners: intrinsically safe, explosion-proof options available.

High Flow Gas Pressure Regulators

AFR’s and NACE Compliant Filter Regulators

High Pressure Regulators

Stainless Steel Regulators, Filters, Filter Regulators and Volume Boosters

Volume Boosters

Explosion Proof I/P Pressure Transducers

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