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Pressure Regulators for Oil & Natural Gas

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Type 90 – Miniature Precision Air Pressure Regulator

Accurate pressure regulation in a compact, lightweight package

Type 100 – Precision Air Pressure Regulator

Accurate, stable and dependable pressure regulator

Type 100M – Motorized Air Pressure Regulator

Precise pneumatic control by use of an electronic signal

Type 300 Series – Instrument Air Filter and Filter Regulator

Type 300 Filter Regulator, Type 310 NACE Compliant Filter Regulator and Type 320 Filter

Type 330/335/340/345 Series – Instrument Air Filter Regulator Series

Field rugged airset in a down-sized package

Type 350/360/370SS Series – Stainless Steel Regulators and Filters

Type 350SS Stainless Steel Filter Regulator, Type 360SS Stainless Steel Regulator, Type 370SS Stainless Steel Filter

Type 380/390 – Large Flow Capacity Stainless Steel Filter Regulator & Regulator

Type 380 Large Flow Capacity Stainless Steel Filter Regulator, Type 390 Large Flow Capacity Stainless Steel Regulator

Type 3500/3600 – High Pressure Regulator

Accurate and reliable first cut pressure regulator

Type 400 – General Service Pressure Regulator

Economical general purpose regulator for control of industrial process applications

Type 410 – High Precision Pressure Regulator

High precision regulator designed to provide reliable performance under variable operating conditions

Type 480V – Precision Vacuum Regulator

High quality, corrosion resistant and compact pressure regulation

Type 700 – High Flow Capacity Precision Air Pressure Regulator

High flow capacity and accurate pressure control

Type 700BP – Precision Back Pressure Regulator

Reliable protection against over pressurization

Type 7000 – Precision Air Pressure Regulator

For applications that require high flow capacity

Type 7100 Precision Air Pressure Regulator

Superior accuracy and stability with high forward and reverse flow capacity

Type 7200BP Precision Back Pressure Regulator

For applications that require high relief capacity

Type 800 – Subminiature Precision Air Regulator

Precise air pressure regulation for applications where space is limited

Type 850/860/870 – Miniature Air, Water or Potable Water Pressure Regulator

Low cost, high performance pressure regulation

Type FA12 Filter Regulator/Coalescing Filter Combo

Oil-free air for critical applications

Type 1227 High Flow Gas Pressure Regulator

Reliable pressure control for the oil and gas industry

Type 1230 High Flow Gas Pressure Regulator

Reliable pressure control with wide pressure ranges and valve disk material


Type 1000P – Electro-Pneumatic Precision Pressure Regulator

Precision electronic pressure regulator

Type 1005P – Electro-Pneumatic High Flow Pressure Regulator

High-flow electronic pressure regulator

Type 1010P – Electro-Pneumatic Economic Pressure Regulator

Economic high-flow electronic pressure regulator

Type 1005V – Electronic Vacuum Regulator

Electronic closed-loop vacuum regulator


Type 500 – Electro-Pneumatic Transducer (I/P, E/P)

Economical and reliable electrical conversion to pressure

Type 550X – Miniature I/P, E/P Transducer

Accurate and economical electronic pressure control

Type 590X – I/P Transducer

Compact Size, Vibration Insensitive

Type 590X – Manifold Mount I/P Transducer

Compact Size, Manifold Mount

Type 595 – Explosion-Proof I/P Transducer

High level of regulation accuracy and repeatability for the operation of actuated valves

Type 900 – Miniature I/P, E/P Transducer for Electronic Air Pressure Control

Self-correcting to maintain precise control

Type 925 – Multifunction Supply Manifold

A common supply port with individual shut off valves

Type 950XP – Explosion-Proof I/P Transducer

Process-reliable and field rugged

I/PAC – Integrated Process Air Control

Field rugged, quick mount I/P – airset assemblies

P200 – Pneumatic-to-Current P/I Transducer

Reliable, user-oriented performance


Pneumatic and Electro-Pneumatic Valve Positioners

Stable and accurate positioning of rotary and linear valves


Type 200 – Precision Air Relay

With positive and negative bias adjustment

Type 600 – Ratio Relay Volume Booster

Meet high flow requirements with a low flow pneumatic signal

Type 650 – Positive Bias Relay

Increases flow capacity plus adds an adjustable bias pressure

Type 6000 – Volume Booster

High flow capacity in a rugged aluminum or stainless steel casing

Type 6100/6200 – Aluminum and Stainless Steel High Air Flow Capacity Volume Boosters

Rapid Stroke Capability

Type 6500/6600 – Aluminum and Stainless Steel High Flow Capacity Volume Boosters

Rapid Stroke Capability in a Rugged Aluminum or Stainless Steel Casing

Type 7150 – Precision Air Relay

Superior accuracy and stability with high forward and reverse flow capacity

Mite Series 70/71/73/74/85 – Snap-acting, Pneumatic Relays

Compact, rugged and precise “decision-making” switches


Type FA10 – Coalescing Filter

Removes liquid aerosols and sub-micron particles


Rolling Diaphragm Air Cylinders

The friction free alternative


Seven Application Questions for Proper Selection of a Regulator.

Some basic questions to consider when selecting a regulator.

Regulator Selection Guide

A quick start regulator selection guide to help start the process on deciding with ControlAir regulator to use in your application

I/P Pressure Transducer Selection Guide

A quick start guide to I/P and E/P pressure transducers to help you choose the correct ControlAir product for your application.   Quickly scan which regulators have options such as, zero-based range, ATEX compliance, explosion proof and which are insensitive to mounting orientation and system vibrations.