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Type 90 – Miniature Precision Air Pressure Regulator

Accurate pressure regulation in a compact, lightweight package

Type 100 – Precision Air Pressure Regulator

Accurate, stable and dependable pressure regulator

Type 100M – Motorized Air Pressure Regulator

Precise pneumatic control by use of an electronic signal

Type 300 Series – Instrument Air Filter and Filter Regulator

Type 300 Filter Regulator, Type 310 NACE Compliant Filter Regulator and Type 320 Filter

Type 330/335/340/345 Series – Instrument Air Filter Regulator Series

Field rugged airset in a down-sized package

Type 350/360/370SS Series – Stainless Steel Regulators and Filters

Type 350SS Stainless Steel Filter Regulator, Type 360SS Stainless Steel Regulator, Type 370SS Stainless Steel Filter

Type 3500/3600 – High Pressure Regulator

Accurate and reliable first cut pressure regulator

Type 400 – General Service Pressure Regulator

Economical general purpose regulator for control of industrial process applications

Type 700 – High Flow Capacity Precision Air Pressure Regulator

High flow capacity and accurate pressure control

Type 700BP – Precision Back Pressure Regulator

Reliable protection against over pressurization

Type 800 – Subminiature Precision Air Regulator

Precise air pressure regulation for applications where space is limited

Type 850/860/870 – Miniature Air, Water or Potable Water Pressure Regulator

Low cost, high performance pressure regulation


Type 500 – Electropneumatic Transducer (I/P, E/P) Economical and reliable electrical conversion to pressure

Type 550X – Miniature I/P, E/P Transducer

Accurate and economical electronic pressure control

Type 925 – Multifunction Supply Manifold

A common supply port with individual shut off valves

Type 590X – I/P Transducer

Compact Size, Vibration Insensitive

Type 590X – Manifold Mount I/P Transducer

Compact Size, Manifold Mount

Type 595 – Explosion-Proof I/P Transducer

High level of regulation accuracy and repeatability for the operation of actuated valves

Type 900 – Miniature I/P, E/P Transducer for Electronic Air Pressure Control

Self-correcting to maintain precise control

Type 950XP – Explosion-Proof I/P Transducer

Process-reliable and field rugged

I/PAC – Integrated Process Air Control

Field rugged, quick mount I/P – airset assemblies

P200 / P290 – Pneumatic-to-Current P/I Transducers

Reliable, user-oriented performance

L100 – Bubble-Tube Liquid Level System

Precision Transmission of Liquid Level in Open Tanks


Pneumatic and Electro-Pneumatic Valve Positioners

Stable and accurate positioning of rotary and linear valves


Type 200 – Precision Air Relay

With positive and negative bias adjustment

Type 250 – Lock-Up Air Relay

Reliability for fail in place applications

Type 600 – Ratio Relay Volume Booster

Meet high flow requirements with a low flow pneumatic signal

Type 650 – Positive Bias Relay

Increases flow capacity plus adds an adjustable bias pressure

Type 6000 – Volume Booster

High flow capacity in a rugged aluminum or stainless steel casing

Type 6100 – High Air Flow Capacity Volume Booster

Rapid Stroke Capability

Mite Series 70/71/73/74/85 – Snap-acting, Pneumatic Relays

Compact, rugged and precise “decision-making” switches


Rolling Diaphragm Air Cylinders

The friction free alternative


Seven Application Questions for Proper Selection of a Regulator.

Some basic questions to consider when selecting a regulator.

Regulator Selection Guide

A quick start regulator selection guide to help start the process on deciding with ControlAir regulator to use in your application

IP Pressure Transducer Selection Guide

A quick start guide to I/P and E/P pressure transducers to help you choose the correct ControlAir product for you application.   Quickly scan which regulators have options such as, zero-based range, ATEX compliance, explosion proof and which are insensitive to mounting orientation and system vibrations.