P200 Pneumatic-to-Current P/I Transducers

P200 Pneumatic-to-Current P/I Transducers

Reliable, user-oriented performance

ControlAir's Dahl P200 P/I transducer represents outstanding value in pneumatic to current technology. All solid state circuitry converts standard 3-15, 3-27 or 6-30 psig instrument air into 4-20 or 10-50 mA outputs (4-20 mA only for FM and CSA approval) with uncompromising accuracy and durability. Custom pressure ranges are also available. The P200's explosion-proof housing allows it to stand up to the most hazardous and demanding applications. The P200 is FM approved and CSA certified as NEMA 4 (Enc. 4) for all locations and explosion-proof for Class I, Div. 1, Groups A, B, C, D; dust ignition-proof for Class II, Div. 1, Groups E, F, G; and suitable for Class III, Div. 1 locations.




Instrument Air:

3-15 psig (20-100 kPa)
3-27 psig (20-180 kPa)
6-30 psig (40-200 kPa)

Maximum Input

3 times full scale without recalibration
4 times full scale without failure


2 wire: 4-20 mA and 10-50 mA with over-current limit.

Allowable Loads
(24 VDC Power)

700 Ω


± 0.15% of span guaranteed; ±0.10% of span typical. Includes combined effects of linearity, hysteresis and
repeatability errors




±0.10% of span max; ±0.03% of span typical



Output Ripple  




Response Time

10 m Sec to 99% of step change

Temperature Stability

Span and Zero: ±0.007% of span per °F maximum deviation from 77°F calibration

Power Supply Stability

Less than 0.005% of span change in output per volt change at the input terminals 

Power Supply

10 VDC min. to 42 VDC max. at input terminals. Can indefinitely withstand up to 100 VDC without failure

RFI/EMI Effect

Meets or exceeds SAMA PMC 33.1, 1978, 2-abc: 0.1% of span at 10 volts/meter

Operating Temperature Range

-40°F to 161°F (-40°C to 72°C)

Storage Temperature Range

-60°F to 161°F (-51°C to 72°C)

Calibration Adjustments

Multiturn span and zero potentiometers with approximately ±20% of span adjustment range

Loss-of-air Indication


Mounting Position Effect


In-process Output Monitoring

Current: For accurate reading, ammeter must have less than 20 ƒ input resistance on 4-20 mA output (0.40 VDC drop)


Signal Air: 1/4" NPT female
Electrical Wiring: 1/2" NPT female to barrier terminal strip

Ordering Information

Part Number Description
P200 P/I Device, 2-wire, FM explosion-proof, 4-20 mA standard, 10-50 mA optional
  P/N Standard Input Ranges P/N Optional - Custom Input Ranges (specify range)
  P11 3-15 psig (0.2 - 1.0 BAR) P50 0-.72 to 0-6.0 psig (0.08 to 0.4 BAR)
  P12 3-27 psig (0.2 - 1.8 BAR) P51 0-6.0 to 0-18.0 psig (0.4 to 1.2 BAR)
  P13 6-30 psig (0.4 - 2.0 BAR) P52 0-18.0 to 0-30.0 psig (1.2 to 2 BAR)
Options P/N Description
  P21 Lightening Surge Protector
  P23 Extra 316 SS Tag
  P28 CSA Intrinsically Safe (4-20 mA only)
  P29 CSA Explosion-proof (4-20 mA only)
  P45 10-50 mA output


  • Part Number = Model + Input Range + Options
  • Examples: P200 + P11 + P21
  • P290 + P50 (0-5)


P200 - Pipe Mounting Kit - 2" bracket P/N: 748-542-010