Volume Boosters & Air Relays

Type 6500/6600 Large Flow Capacity Volume Boosters

Rapid Stroke Capability in a Rugged Aluminum Casing.

Type 200 Precision Air Relay

Pilot operated, multi-stage 1:1 relay with positive and negative biasing adjustment capability.

Type 250 Lock-up Air Relay

Reliability for fail in place applications of control valves when air supply drops below acceptable pressure levels.

Type 600 Volume Booster

Utilizes a signal pressure to produce an output pressure with high flow capacity, that can be amplified. Signal to output ratio's available include 1:1, 1:2, 1:3 and 1:6.

Type 650 Positive Bias Relay

Signal operated regulator that provides an output pressure that is the sum of the input signal pressure plus a preset adjustable bias. Used to convert a low flow signal to the higher flow (up to 50 scfm) requirements of an operating system.

Type 6000 Volume Booster

High flow capacity in a rugged casing.

Rapid Stroke Capability in a Rugged Aluminum or Stainless Steel Casing.

Trips to vent one control signal while simultaneously locking up another.

Super Mite 71L/71H

Automatically selects the higher or lower of two input signals.

Super Mite 74

Combines a Mite 70 with a precision 3-way valve.

Mite 85

Compact unit that supplies precise air pressure regulation for applications where space is limited. This unit allows large regulator performance in a small package.