P290 Pneumatic-to-Current P/I Transducers

P290 Pneumatic-to-Current P/I Transducers

Reliable, user-oriented performance

ControlAir's Dahl P290 P/I transducer represents outstanding value in pneumatic to current technology. All solid state circuitry converts standard 3-15, 3-27 or 6-30 psig instrument air into 4-20 or 10-50 mA outputs (4-20 mA only for FM and CSA approval) with uncompromising accuracy and durability. Custom pressure ranges are also available. P290 serves in high-density and panel-mounted applications and is available with high density DIN rail adapters, offering space saving flexibility with easy plug-in installation.




Instrument Air:

3-15 psig (0.2-1 BAR)
3-27 psig (0.2-1.8 BAR)
6-30 psig (0.4-2 BAR)

Maximum Input

3 times full scale without recalibration
4 times full scale without failure


2 wire: 4-20 mA with over-current limit , 10-50 mA optional

Allowable Loads
(24 VDC Power)

2-wire: 700 ƒ, standard. Voltage: 5k ƒ minimum


± 0.15% of span guaranteed; ±0.10% of span typical. Includes combined effects of linearity, hysteresis and
repeatability errors




±0.10% of span max; ±0.03% of span typical



Output Ripple  



Reverse polarity, transient, over-current

Response Time

10 m Sec to 99% of step change

Temperature Stability

Span and Zero: ±0.007% of span per °F maximum deviation from 77°F calibration

Power Supply Stability

Less than 0.005% of span change in output per volt change at the input terminals 

Power Supply

10 VDC min. to 42 VDC max. at input terminals

RFI/EMI Effect

Meets or exceeds SAMA PMC 33.1, 1978, 2-abc: 0.1% of span at 10 volts/meter

Operating Temperature Range

-40°F to 167°F (-40°C to 75°C)

Storage Temperature Range

-60°F to 185°F (-51°C to 85°C)

Calibration Adjustments

Non-interactive, multiturn span and zero potentiometers with approximately ±10% of span adjustment range

Loss-of-air Indication

LED illuminates when input pressure falls below 60% of the live-zero input or, on optional alarm units, LED illuminates during alarm condition

Mounting Position Effect


In-process Output Monitoring

Voltage: Voltmeter with greater than 10K ƒ input resistance


Signal Air: 1/8" NPT female
Electrical Wiring: Miniature terminal block accepts solid or stranded wire up to 14 AWG

Ordering Information

Part Number Description
P290M P/I Module, 2-wire, 4-20
P290DC Adapter for C type rail
P290DG Adapter for G type rail
  P/N Standard Ranges P/N Custom Ranges (psig) Specify range
  P11 3-15 psig (0.2-1 BAR) P50 0-.72 to 0-6.0
  P12 3-27 psig (0.2-1.8 BAR) P51 0-6.0 to 0-18.0
  P13 6-30 psig (0.4-2 BAR) P52 0-18.0 to 0-30.0
      P53 0-30.0 to 0.50.0
Options P/N Description    
  P31 CSA general
purpose certification
  • Part Number = Model + Input Range + Options
  • Examples: P200 + P11 + P21
  • P290 + P50 (0-5)